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Arman Swaroop

Entertainer & Fashion icon



Arman swaroop portfolio and healthy statistics
Arman Swaroop
Born\- Adarsh Vasisth Swaroop Sharma
31 December 1992
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Actor
Years active 2012–Present
Kunwar Swaroop Sharma
Amita Sharma
ARMAN SWAROOP (pronunciation : [arman swaroop]; Arman Swaroop is an Indian model[1] and film actor. He is a Fashion Icon. He has model in like lakme fashion week, Wills fashion,Van Heusen , He has done Studio I8 dance tours in allover india. He has worked at Hindustan Times as a films analyzer or critics,He has also worked at TAJ NEWS at AGRA,he has won Best Performer and Best Sound editor award’s in yearly awards event at Taj News in agra. He has contributed with an Kanchan Matondkar (Anchor), Prithviraj Shivalkar (Casting Director),Shridhar Tilve(Cinematographer),Sabyasaachi (fashion designer),Julius Packium (Background Composer) with special appearance Vivian Dsena (Actor) & Sana Saeed (Actress) for promote the charity event show “THE EMERGING SHOW” in 2015 at Delhi.In this show he has won best entertainer award for live performance. Van Heusen also given to him award for Best Presenter. He also promote f** the couch app. Its App. launching by Mukesh chabra (Casting Director). He has also acted in TV serial like 26/12 on life Ok[2]Early life
Arman Swaroop was born on 31 December 1992 in Agra.He born name is Adarsh Vasisth Swaroop Sharma. Arman Swaroop is the eldest son of Bussinessman Kunwar Swaroop and his mother Amita Sharma(Home Parent). His paternal grandfather Prem Swaroop Sharma was a hindu from india[7][8] who immigrated to rajasthan and settled in agra, uttar Pradesh. vasisth is a surname of gaur brahamin clan. Swaroop belongs to Brahamin hindu family through his reported to be a gaur Hindu. His lover is Sneha Kapoor, a Fashion Designer , who has co-fashion designer with him in a few Shows.and he has also relationship with her co- model Saachi Chopra. He has one brother Aman. Swaroop finished his schooling at St. augustine senior secondry School in Baluganj, agra, as not did his younger brothers aman and harsh. Earlier, he studied at The dayanand bal mandir School, AGRA CANTT for a few years along with younger brother Aman & Harsh.

Healthy celebrity Statistics


Born Name – Adarsh Vasisth Swaroop Sharma

Nick Name    –  Sonu

Age  – Arman swaroop  is currently 24 according to his birth date 31 december, 1992

Sun Sign-   Aquarius

Born Place –  Agra, Uttar Pradesh , India

Residence – Vaibhav residence ,Amboli, Andheri West Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nationality-     Indian


Arman studied at St. Augustine public School in baluganj, Agra and went on to pursue method acting at The digital film academy and Film Institute in mumbai.


Actor, Television presenter ,Screen Play, Writer, Editor, and director.




6 ft or 183 cm


68 kg or 150 pounds

Marrige status-



Arman Swaroop dated

Chandni Kaur (2012) – Arman was lakme fashion week to be with chandini, when the two did their first ramp show  in 2012. This relationship didn’t go far and ended soon in 2013.

Sneha Kapoor (2014-Present) –After appearing together ON Ramp show in wills ramp show (2014) and lakme fashion week  (2015), the actor and fashion designer started dating in 2014. They are currently seeing each other. Neither of the party accepts that they are dating each other.

Sana Saeed and Arman Swaroop



Hair Color-


Eye Color-



Normal Body. Arman doesn’t have a ripped body and just workout to have a lean and fit body.

Shoe Size-


Brand Endorsements-

Arman served as an Indian brand Ambassador for Mumbai Club vesova Other endorsement

In 2014, he was chosen as the written ads for feena’s.

Arman Swaroop  in Religion


Best Known For

He is a Fashion Icon. He has model in like lakme fashion week, Wills fashion,Van Heusen.

First Serial

He has also acted in TV serial like 26/12 on life Ok,

First TV Show

He has not done any TV show. However, he may have came as a guest appearance in certain Indian TV shows or in talk show.

Personal Trainer

Sahil khan is the personal trainer of . Arman cannot go to gym every time due to his busy and erratic schedule. So, he takes the help of sahil. Wherever he gooes sahil goes with him to ensure that Arman eats proper diet and does right exercises.

Arman generally does exercises which targets his different muscle groups like chest, legs, arms, back, shoulders. He sometimes also incorporates kickboxing into his workout routine. Regarding diet, Arman is called foodie by Pradeep. He mostly eats rabri and jalebi & dal-roti in his lunch and dinner.

Arman Favorite Things

Favorite Food – Foodie. He likes every food like Pizza, sweets, Dosa. He comes from a Punjabi family.

Favorite Cuisines – Arabian and Itadrite

Favorite Actor – Shahrukh khan,Govinda

Favorite Inspiration – Salman Khan

Favorite Movies – Jab tak hai jaan, Departed, Hum saath saath hain,Bairaag.

Favorite Color – Pink,blue. But, he wears white most of the time.

Favorite Book – 2 states Chetan’s bhagat .He read this book for his screen play  in the movie.

Favorite  Restaurants –

Mc donald.

Favorite Gadgets –

Home theater,and camera.

Favorite snacks and drink-

Iced Bournvita, icecream and pasta.

Favorite Objects – Rolex Watches

Favorite Possession – Body Building Equipment

Favorite Fictional Character – Ceasor

Favorite Cars – Mercedes, BMW, Landcruis.

Favorite Hobbies –
Horse riding, Swimming,  Appreciate music, Reads books .

Arman Facts

1. Arman swaroop  is the son of  kunwar swaroop  (father) and Amita Sharma (mother).

2. Arman swaroop best friend is Akash Singh chauhan.

3. He, along with Sneha Kapoor also worked   in “26/12 adds to Arman Swaroop ‘s popularity”.

4. He learned acting from the digital film academy   (Arman’s role model), i.e. The Reign Theatre and Film Institute in mumbai

5. He is the great horse rider.

6. Arman has co-hosted the “the emerging show”

7. He appeared on the the emerging show with Karan malhotra in November 2014.

8. He loves the most dog roat viller and german shepird.dogs name tyson and tiger.

9. Arman likes to collect songs.

10. Arman swaroop is very moody and unprecdictable.

11. He takes times in bath and brush teeth.He likes clean up.

12. To see about  Swaroop, click here.